DIY – Vintage Canvas Photo’s

I saw this idea on-line a few weeks ago and just now got around to trying it out!!

Love It!!


  1. Photocopied picture (laser jet copy ONLY)
  2. Blank canvas
  3. Extra heavy Gel Medium
  4. Sponge paint brush
  5. Wash cloth or sponge

Step 1:

Make sure that your photo is the same size or smaller than your canvas. If the picture is larger be sure to trim it before moving along to the next step. If you try to trim it after you will have some pieces that won’t come off… trust me, I tried it!! Also, you want to make sure that you DON’T use the actual photo. It must be a photocopy of a photo. It also must be a laser jet photo.

Step 2:

Take the Gel Medium (see link) and paint a thick layer of the gel onto the surface of the canvas.

Step 3:

Once the Gel has been applied take you photo and place it facedown onto the gel.

Step 4:

Once the Gel has completely dried (I waited for about 12 hours) wet down a wash cloth or sponge and dab the photo until it is completely wet (not dripping, just damp). Once it is wet use your fingers and rub off the paper. The ink from the photocopy should stick to the GEL Medium. The paper should roll right off. Be careful not to rub too hard or else the ink will rub off as well.

Also, don’t worry that some of the paper won’t come all the way off…that’s what gives it a vintagey (yep it’s a word) look!

I love the vintage and antique look that the finished product has!

Spooky …


DIY Photo Blocks

Ok – So I ordered the really cool prints from an online poster company. I ordered them with the intention of putting them in some picture frames and them hanging them in my kitchen. Well, either I miss-read the print sizes or I had a blonde moment or…. something. Any way, they came and 4 of them were 6″x6″ and then the 5th one was 12″x12″. After many trips between Michaels, Joanne Fabrics and Home Goods, I couldn’t find any frames that would either fit or that I liked. So I made my own…


  1. Pictures or Prints
  2. Wood blocks (Michaels)
  3. 2 different colored paints (Martha Stewart from Michaels)
  4. Martha Steward Crackle Paint
  5. Sponge paint brushes
  6. Sawtooth frame hangers
  7. Spray Adhesive

Step 1:

Make sure that your pictures are the correct size for the wood blocks.

Wood Block from Michaels

Step 2:

Paint the wood with the color that you choose as your base color. I only put one coat of paint on because I liked how the wood could be seen through the white paint.

Martha Stewart Paint from Michaels

Step 3:

Once you have the desired base coat on the wood and it is dry apply the Martha Stewart Crackle texture. For best results follow the instructions on the product.

Martha Stewart Crackle Texture from Michaels

Step 4:

Once the Crackle texture is dry then apply (as instructed) the top color.

Painted wood Blocks

Step 5:

Once all the paint is dry, spray the back of your photo/poster with the spray adhesive and place on the wood block. Depending on what type of photo you are using you can use mod podge to seal and protect you photo once it has been adhered to the wood.


Follow the instructions on the sawtooth frame hangers to attach to the back of the wood block.

Sawtooth Hangers


Hang on your wall!! Enjoy!

excuse the bad photo – I took it with my phone!

DIY TV Stand

With Christmas here it is the time for giving gifts and the time for receiving gifts. It is also the time to buy your self a present!! My present to myself this year was a new TV. Of course with a new TV I also needed a new TV Stand. The one that I was using was too small to support the larger size of my new TV. I spent several weeks looking or a new TV Stand, but I just couldn’t find something that I liked. I also had an old coffee table that I was thinking of donating.

With Pinterest posts as my inspiration I decided to deconstruct my coffee table and make my own TV Stand.


1. coffee table

2. furniture legs (home depot)

3. leg fasteners

4. wood stain

5. sander and sand paper

6. mosaic candle holders (2)

Step 1:

Sand coffee table top to a nice clean and smooth surface. I did this before I deconstructed the coffee table.

Step 2:

Deconstruct the coffee table and attach the leg brackets (to the underside of the table top) and then the furniture legs.

Table legs from Home Depot

Bracket and Leg – Both from Home Depot

Step 4:

Paint or stain the table table legs. I choose to paint the legs with a basic Behr paint from Home Depot. I also painted the legs while the table was upside down on the floor with the legs attached to the table. I left the legs loose so that I could twist them as I painted them. I made sure to tighten them back up once I was done painting each leg.

Painting the LegsPaint complete on the legs

Step 5:

Once the paint on the legs are dry, flip the table up-right and paint/stain the top of the table. I choose to put a coat of clear oil-based polyurethane on the top of my table. Once the 1st coat was complete I waited about 10 hours and put a 2nd coat on the table. I also put one coat of the polyurethane over the paint on the legs. This was just to protect the paint.

Top of the table after 2 coats of Poly

Step 6:

Once the Poly has dried your table is pretty much done. For mine though, once my table was complete I realized that it was too wide to go on my wall and look proportionate. So I deconstructed it once more  and cute about 4 inches off the table top. I then put the brackets back on with the legs. I then used the 4 inch piece of the table and 2 old mosaic candle holders to make a primitive shelf to set my TV on.

Here is the final project. Let me know what you think!!

Mosaic Candle holder as a shelf


1st DIY Project and Post!


I had the hardest time trying to find something to put on one of my bathroom walls. I had a few things working against me, but the biggest was that I live in an apartment. Apartment living limits your decoration freedom. So after several trips to Micheal’s and Joanne Fabrics, and hours of internet searching I still had nothin’!

I happened to wander down the Vinyl Art aisle in found the perfect wall art. There was still one problem though… I live in an apartment, so I didn’t want to put something permanent on the wall. If I’m going to buys something pretty, I want to be able to keep it. So  I continued to wander and then it hit me… A picture frame.

Supplies Needed:

1. Picture Frame (with glass front)

2. Vinyl Art

3. Photo Background (to go in the frame)

Step 1:

Take the picture frame apart so that you can work with the glass only. Make sure to take note of how much of the glass is not visible on the edges once the glass is back in the frame.

Step 2:

Take your Vinyl Art out of the package, but be sure to read the application directions on the back of it. Each brand of Vinyl is a little different, so be sure to read the directions carefully.

Step 3:

Apply your Vinyl Art to the glass.

Step 4:

You will need a photo or plain background to go behind the glass in the frame. Make sure that you choose something that will make the Vinyl Art pop and stand out.

Step 5:

Put the frame back together and you have a timeless and classy piece of art.

Here a some photos of the ones that I created, I am sorry to say that I didn’t take any photos of the different steps, but I will next time.

Take a look…

In one lifetime, an Eternity of Love

Family: a journey to foreverDandilions


Wow, it has been a busy few months! I have had the opportunity to take many great pictures!!