DIY Photo Blocks

Ok – So I ordered the really cool prints from an online poster company. I ordered them with the intention of putting them in some picture frames and them hanging them in my kitchen. Well, either I miss-read the print sizes or I had a blonde moment or…. something. Any way, they came and 4 of them were 6″x6″ and then the 5th one was 12″x12″. After many trips between Michaels, Joanne Fabrics and Home Goods, I couldn’t find any frames that would either fit or that I liked. So I made my own…


  1. Pictures or Prints
  2. Wood blocks (Michaels)
  3. 2 different colored paints (Martha Stewart from Michaels)
  4. Martha Steward Crackle Paint
  5. Sponge paint brushes
  6. Sawtooth frame hangers
  7. Spray Adhesive

Step 1:

Make sure that your pictures are the correct size for the wood blocks.

Wood Block from Michaels

Step 2:

Paint the wood with the color that you choose as your base color. I only put one coat of paint on because I liked how the wood could be seen through the white paint.

Martha Stewart Paint from Michaels

Step 3:

Once you have the desired base coat on the wood and it is dry apply the Martha Stewart Crackle texture. For best results follow the instructions on the product.

Martha Stewart Crackle Texture from Michaels

Step 4:

Once the Crackle texture is dry then apply (as instructed) the top color.

Painted wood Blocks

Step 5:

Once all the paint is dry, spray the back of your photo/poster with the spray adhesive and place on the wood block. Depending on what type of photo you are using you can use mod podge to seal and protect you photo once it has been adhered to the wood.


Follow the instructions on the sawtooth frame hangers to attach to the back of the wood block.

Sawtooth Hangers


Hang on your wall!! Enjoy!

excuse the bad photo – I took it with my phone!


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