DIY TV Stand

With Christmas here it is the time for giving gifts and the time for receiving gifts. It is also the time to buy your self a present!! My present to myself this year was a new TV. Of course with a new TV I also needed a new TV Stand. The one that I was using was too small to support the larger size of my new TV. I spent several weeks looking or a new TV Stand, but I just couldn’t find something that I liked. I also had an old coffee table that I was thinking of donating.

With Pinterest posts as my inspiration I decided to deconstruct my coffee table and make my own TV Stand.


1. coffee table

2. furniture legs (home depot)

3. leg fasteners

4. wood stain

5. sander and sand paper

6. mosaic candle holders (2)

Step 1:

Sand coffee table top to a nice clean and smooth surface. I did this before I deconstructed the coffee table.

Step 2:

Deconstruct the coffee table and attach the leg brackets (to the underside of the table top) and then the furniture legs.

Table legs from Home Depot

Bracket and Leg – Both from Home Depot

Step 4:

Paint or stain the table table legs. I choose to paint the legs with a basic Behr paint from Home Depot. I also painted the legs while the table was upside down on the floor with the legs attached to the table. I left the legs loose so that I could twist them as I painted them. I made sure to tighten them back up once I was done painting each leg.

Painting the LegsPaint complete on the legs

Step 5:

Once the paint on the legs are dry, flip the table up-right and paint/stain the top of the table. I choose to put a coat of clear oil-based polyurethane on the top of my table. Once the 1st coat was complete I waited about 10 hours and put a 2nd coat on the table. I also put one coat of the polyurethane over the paint on the legs. This was just to protect the paint.

Top of the table after 2 coats of Poly

Step 6:

Once the Poly has dried your table is pretty much done. For mine though, once my table was complete I realized that it was too wide to go on my wall and look proportionate. So I deconstructed it once more  and cute about 4 inches off the table top. I then put the brackets back on with the legs. I then used the 4 inch piece of the table and 2 old mosaic candle holders to make a primitive shelf to set my TV on.

Here is the final project. Let me know what you think!!

Mosaic Candle holder as a shelf



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