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A Jar full of Happyness

Painted Mason Jar Pencil Holders…

So, I LOVE Mason Jars. I had several just laying around and I was trying to figure out what to do with them. I was using several to hold some pens, pencils and such on my desk, but they looked so plain that I didn’t like them! Then one day I was spending a wonderful afternoon browsing through my local Michael’s store and found the Martha Stewart Paint aisle…. It is going to be the death of me!! I think I bought out the aisle! So with some paint and with some mod podge (and a few extra items) I added a little beauty to come plain old mason jars!

Items Used:

Mason Jars

Tray (Joanne Fabrics)

Mod Podge

Martha Stewart Paints

Paper plates

Paint Sticks


Step 1:

Clean the mason jars with warm  water and soap.

Step 2:

Once the jars are completely dry pour some mod podge into the jar and then add as much paint as you need to get the desired color. Mix the paint and mod podge thoroughly and then begin to swirl the mixture around the jar until the entire surface is coated. Once you have coated the entire jar, place the jar upside down on a paper plate so that the excess paint will drip out. Wait about 20 minutes and place the jar on a new paper plate. Most of the excess paint should have pooled on the 1st plate, but keep the jar upside down on the new plate for at least 2 hours. After about 2 hours flip the jars right-side up and then let them dry for 48-72 hours. I waited 72 hours, but that was because it was a weekend and I wasn’t home to mess with them!!

Step 3:

Once the jars are completely dry decorate as preferred. I used natural colored Raffia and tied all three jars together with bows on each end. I also put some cotton stuffing in bottom of the jars, so that when I put my scissors and things in the jars, they don’t scrape the paint off the bottom!


Junk in a trunk…(it’s not what you think!!)

So…. since I De-constructed my coffee table to make a TV stand, I needed a new coffee table. I wanted something unique, but with storage. So, I was wondering aimlessly through my house and I saw an old trunk that I was storing some extra blankets in. So I pulled it out and with some scrapbook paper from my local Micheal’s, some Mod Podge and an exacto knife and I have a brand new coffee table!!

Items I used:

Scrapbook Paper (Micheal’s)

Mod Podge (Micheal’s)

Exacto Knife (Micheal’s)

Liquid nails (Walmart)

Furniture feet (Home Depot)

Step 1:

Mod Podge the scrap book paper to the surface of the trunk. Once the paper was mod podge’d to the trunk, I used an exacto knife to cute the paper around all the intricate brackets and edges.

Step 2:

Once I had all  the paper mod podged on the trunk, I took the feet and painted them. Once they were dry I used the liquid nails and placed the feet on the bottom of the trunk. Ignore the red base! I didn’t want to cover the bottom, since no one should ever see it!! lol

Step 3:

After the feet dried for about 12 hours, I flipped the trunk over and then let the weight of the trunk to set the feet just a little bit more. Here is a picture of the final product. I will post a better one once I am finished rearranging my living room!!