A Michigan Summer

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Home-Made Ranch Chex Mix

WOW, was this amazing. I need someone to hide the left overs from me, so that I stop eating it! I had a big photography day planned last Saturday, and I wanted to provide a cheap and easy snack for all my clients, but I wanted it to be unique. So I decided to try my hand at making some chex mix. Well,  the chex Mix turned out great, but I can’t say the same for my big day. It rained cats and dogs all day so I had to cancel my mini-session. But, now I have a TON of chex mix and it is so good I can’t seem to stop eating it! Here is the recipe:


9 cups Corn Chex Mix Cereal (I used the cheaper meijer brand)

2 cups mini-Pretzels

2 cups Cheeze It’s

4 tbls butter (I used I can’t believe it’s not butter)

1 package of Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix

1. Mix your Chex, Pretzels and Crackers in a Large microwave safe bowl.

2. In a smaller (micro safe) bowl or sauce pan (I used sauce pan) melt the butter.

3. Once the butter is melted it drizzle some over the top of the mix. Once a little is dizzled, the fun part begins!! Mix the contents of the bowl until the buttered part is no longer on top. Continue with this process mixing thoroughly to be sure that everything gets covered with the butter. This will ensure that your ranch mix sticks to the chex mix.

4. Open your ranch packet and dump about 1/3 of the contents on the top of the buttered mixture. Then dive in with your hands again and mix thoroughly.  Continue this process until all the contents of the Ranch packet has been used and the mix is mixed up!

5. Place your bowl of mixture in the microwave on high heat for 1 minute. Take out and mix again. Repeat for 4 total minutes in the microwave, mixing after each minute.

6. Set out to cool, you can dump on a cookie sheet to cool or just poor into another bowl and then let it sit to cool.

7. Store in an air tight container and enjoy!!


Creative Planters…

Ok, you know when you get a picture in your head of something creative that you want to do, but just can NOT figure out how to do it, can’t find the materials or everything you do find was way too much $$? Well, that was me. This fall is the 1st fall decorating in my new house. I had this idea of skinny pillars on each side of my front door with a bright and beautiful mum on top. I couldn’t find anything that was under $75… One morning I was grocery shopping at Meijer and happened (yes, unexpectedly happened) to walk by the clearance isle. Well, who doesn’t love a sale, right? Low-And-Behold I found what I was looking for, and they looked nothing like the image in my head, but I love them!! I am also going to get some burlap ribbon and tie it around the middle!! Pictures are crappy, because I took them with my phone, but I plan on getting better pictures someday! lol

Clip Art Animals…

So… I am working 3rd shift for the next few weeks. For some reason right around 3am every morning I get a creative streak going. I decided to try my hand at creating some digital animals only using Microsoft Word… Here they are!

Turkey -Boy

Turkey – Girl