Creative Planters…

Ok, you know when you get a picture in your head of something creative that you want to do, but just can NOT figure out how to do it, can’t find the materials or everything you do find was way too much $$? Well, that was me. This fall is the 1st fall decorating in my new house. I had this idea of skinny pillars on each side of my front door with a bright and beautiful mum on top. I couldn’t find anything that was under $75… One morning I was grocery shopping at Meijer and happened (yes, unexpectedly happened) to walk by the clearance isle. Well, who doesn’t love a sale, right? Low-And-Behold I found what I was looking for, and they looked nothing like the image in my head, but I love them!! I am also going to get some burlap ribbon and tie it around the middle!! Pictures are crappy, because I took them with my phone, but I plan on getting better pictures someday! lol


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