Flash light, some old incense and wild imaginations…

So, I have always wanted to try my hand at smoke photography, but I just never seemed to find the time. Well, my 13 year old cousin came over for the weekend to help me clean out the garage. While she was here she begged and begged me to try this. So, needless to say we were up until 1 in the morning trying almost anything that we could thing of. Amid all the giggles, there were a few that turned out pretty cool for our 1st try!! Here are a few of those shots!!

Enjoy Smoke-053EFSmoke-054EF Smoke-064EF Smoke-065EF Smoke-067EF Smoke-072EF Smoke-073EF Smoke-078EF Smoke-081EF Smoke-084EF Smoke-086EF Smoke-090EEF Smoke-090EF Smoke-095EF Smoke-096EF Smoke-100EF Smoke-103EF Smoke-105EF Smoke-129EF Smoke-131EF Smoke-136EF Smoke-142EF Smoke-019EF Smoke-023EF Smoke-037EF Smoke-038EF Smoke-039EF Smoke-042EF Smoke-043EF Smoke-049EF


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