Elin Lillian

I am so glad that I was able to spend some time with Elin and her family today. They are some of my favorite people!!

Elin-015EF Elin-024EF Elin-035EEF Elin-041EF Elin-043EF Elin-059EF Elin-068EF Elin-074EF Elin-081EEF Elin-083EF Elin-088EF Elin-090EF Elin-102EF Elin-107EEF Elin-111EF


Levi Steven

I have been blessed with another nephew. Levi is so beautiful, it makes me one blessed Auntie!!

Levi-003EF Levi-004EF Levi-010EF Levi-011EF Levi-013EF Levi-014EF Levi-017EF Levi-018EF Levi-020EF Levi-024EF Levi-026EF Levi-037EEF Levi-046EF Levi-048EF Levi-050EF Levi-056EF Levi-058EF Levi-067EF Levi-068EF Levi-071EF Levi-080EF Levi-084EF Levi-090EF Levi-095EF Levi-096EF Levi-097EF Levi-100EF Levi-108EF Levi-110EF Levi-114EF Levi-118EF Levi-119EF Levi-133EF Levi-136EF Levi-143EF Levi-149EF

2013 – Summer Projects!

Wow – It has been a very busy summer! Take a look!!

Proj-001E Proj-004E Proj-010EE Proj-025EE Proj-025EEE Proj-059E Proj-61Proj-60

The Haslett Family

We had to reschedule this shoot several time due to a whole bunch of reasons, but I’m glad that we were finally able to get together! It was a beautiful fall day in Clarkston, MI!!

Collage 1F Collage 2F Collage 3F TTH-003EF TTH-014EF TTH-016EF TTH-019EEF TTH-023EEF TTH-028EF TTH-033EF TTH-078EEF TTH-086EF TTH-108EEF TTH-115EF TTH-121EEF TTH-135EWF TTH-137EF

The Burley’s

I had so much fun with this family. Little Natalie had me in tears from laughing!!

Burley-003EF Burley-021EF Burley-035EEF Burley-036EF Burley-072EF Burley-075EF Burley-102EF Burley-105EEF Burley-107EEF Burley-117EEF Burley-132EEF Collage 1F Collage 2F