3 Months of Lovin’ Levi

So, I am very late with this posting, but it has been a hectic few months! Here is Little Levi at 3 months!!

10334391_713410032052861_8138422135866145955_n 1544361_713409788719552_3358535154640838718_n 1622875_677750698952128_1680934428_n 1724176_677750705618794_1223452957_n 1798468_677750748952123_851473957_n 1958291_677750702285461_1934631_n 10169282_713409845386213_30872758756727552_n 10171692_713409785386219_2182114259205321886_n 10171812_713409782052886_6191603698863083473_n 10247221_713410008719530_989446096517850338_n 10247282_713409848719546_882061556345812025_n 10253889_713409925386205_3756561491267848009_n 10277192_713410052052859_8758161046514554367_n 10298771_713409852052879_7200710772096785518_n 10301534_713409988719532_5247333380115531129_n 10302532_713409912052873_4754070595166946151_n


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