Junk in a trunk…(it’s not what you think!!)

So…. since I De-constructed my coffee table to make a TV stand, I needed a new coffee table. I wanted something unique, but with storage. So, I was wondering aimlessly through my house and I saw an old trunk that I was storing some extra blankets in. So I pulled it out and with some scrapbook paper from my local Micheal’s, some Mod Podge and an exacto knife and I have a brand new coffee table!!

Items I used:

Scrapbook Paper (Micheal’s)

Mod Podge (Micheal’s)

Exacto Knife (Micheal’s)

Liquid nails (Walmart)

Furniture feet (Home Depot)

Step 1:

Mod Podge the scrap book paper to the surface of the trunk. Once the paper was mod podge’d to the trunk, I used an exacto knife to cute the paper around all the intricate brackets and edges.

Step 2:

Once I had allĀ  the paper mod podged on the trunk, I took the feet and painted them. Once they were dry I used the liquid nails and placed the feet on the bottom of the trunk. Ignore the red base! I didn’t want to cover the bottom, since no one should ever see it!! lol

Step 3:

After the feet dried for about 12 hours, I flipped the trunk over and then let the weight of the trunk to set the feet just a little bit more. Here is a picture of the final product. I will post a better one once I am finished rearranging my living room!!