The Stewart Clan

This is one of my favorite families!stew


Declan Christopher

Oh Boy, This little man is so adorable. His. Dimples. I can’t even…. ❤


Levi Steven

I can’t believe he is two already. He is the happiest and cutest little guy.



This young man was so fun to photograph. I have had the privilege of shooting his family multiple times and they are great. From trying to climb on the roof of a gazebo to standing on the top of my car, this session was full of laughter and hilarity! It was awesome!


The Tufford Clan

I love it with extended families take the time to get together and documents their lives. This is one of my favorite families and I’m so blessed I was able to take their photos.


The Garrett Family

I met this family at a friends wedding and I was so thrilled that they asked me to capture their sweet little family when they we back in MI visiting family. They were such a blast! They also introduced me to a new shooting location, which is always awesome!


My Family


The Kubczak Family

I am kinda partial to this family, well…. since they are family! Took a trip down to Nashville for the Twinkie’s 3rd birthday and took some time for some quick family photos! It was a lot of fun, and a lot of running around trying to wrangle the twins!!

Pinterest Collage

The Earnhart Family

A last minute photo shoot right before Kindergarten graduation and it was a success!!Pinterest Collage

Paxton {Children Photography}

This little boy was so fun and Oh, so busy! He had such a sunny and bright smile! I loved spending the afternoon with him!!